Halter Ranch Vineyard
8910 Adelaida Road, Paso Robles CA
Halter Ranch Vineyard sits amidst the beautiful 900-acre ranch on Adelaida Road on the west side of Paso Robles. The vineyard was initiated in 1996 and has since been expanded to its present 250 acres. The vines occupy the steepest, most south-facing slopes on the property, which reach an elevation of 1,800 feet and provide excellent water drainage and sun exposure. These slopes are also rich in limestone, a feature of many of the world’s finest vineyards.
While Paso Robles generally is a warm growing region, vineyards on the west side of Highway 101 enjoy a markedly cooler climate due to their proximity to the Pacific Ocean and its cooling breezes. This ensures our grapes ripen slowly and evenly, developing ripe, concentrated fruit flavors while retaining healthy levels of acidity. Because Halter Ranch receives plentiful winter rainfall, the need for irrigation during the growing season is minimal, ensuring small berry and cluster sizes, which also promote full flavor development.
Kiamie Wine Cellars sources fruit from 3 of the 19 grape varieties planted on this vineyard (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot). Our fruit comes from blocks 21, 31, 32 and 40A. The 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon was made entirely from fruit sourced at Halter Ranch Vineyard. The combination of the well-drained soils, low-yielding clones and high-density plantings (which force the vines to compete for water and nutrients), results in small crops of intensely flavored fruit, the prerequisite for making superb wines.
At Halter, the emphasis on quality in the vineyard is complemented by the commitment to environmentally responsible grape-growing practices. Farming sustainably means relying whenever possible on organic methods of fertilization, weed removal, pest control and mildew protection. Sustainable farming not only respects and protect the land and the people who work it, it also results in wines that more eloquently express their provenance.