The Kiamie Wine Cellars goal is singular: We blend distinctive Westside Paso Robles mountain vineyards into wines of expression and uncompromising quality.
This goal is reached at the hands of our phenomenal winemaker.  He works to produce age worthy, high quality wines sourced from the best West Side vineyards. Letting the wines make themselves, being merely a "steward" or "conduit", utilizing both old world and modern winemaking techniques depending on the circumstances. Delastage is crucial to the Bordeaux program at Kiamie and clunky tannins are not part of our portfolio.
Our wine blends change each year, with the components of each decided upon by our winemaker based on his years of experience.  He constructs each blend precisely and often ends each bottling with extra wine "left over" after each bottling. Not that any wine wasn't good enough, but rather due to making the best wine at the right percentage blends, be it 67% or 58% or 21% as the case may be.  Our winemaker's belief is each wine has it's own voice and should be heard properly, leaving him to be the band's conductor.